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Welcome to the EPP Group's monthly newsletter as part of the #EUCanBeatCancer campaign, providing you updates on our work in the European Parliament, as well as factual information and news on the fight against cancer. Watch this space!

EPP Group’s work in progress

  • Special Committee on Cancer to start

On the EPP Group’s initiative, the European Parliament has decided that they will establish a Special Committee on Cancer. Its aim will be to make the fight against cancer a top priority by combining expertise, researchers and resources from across Europe to create a master plan so that the #EUCanBeatCancer, keeping in mind the interests of patients.

  • The EPP Group launches a brand new podcast 

We have two brand new episodes of our podcast for you to listen to!

You can tune in to Chairman Manfred Weber & European CanCer Organisation President (ECCO) Dr Matti Aapro discuss how the EU can beat cancer.

And listen to Loucas Fourlas MEP, Co-Chair of the MEPs Against Cancer interest group, tells us how the fight against cancer is being prioritised in EU policymaking.

A brand new episode will be available for you to listen to every other Sunday so that you can find out more about our campaign available via this link or on your favourite podcast app. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled! 

  • Dates for your diary

Next EPP Group Podcast on 16 February

World Cancer Day on 4 February:
The European Commission will be presenting the "Cancer Plan" .

Let’s round up this newsletter looking at some interesting facts about cancer that you might not be aware of. 

  • Did you know?

After testing 4518 medicine compounds on 578 human cancer cell lines, the MIT and Harvard scientists found nearly 50 that have previously unrecognised anti-cancer activity. These drugs have been used to treat conditions such as diabetes, inflammation, alcoholism, and even arthritis in dogs, says