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Welcome to our second edition of the EPP Group’s monthly newsletter as part of the #EUCanBeatCancer campaign, bringing you the latest updates on our work and interesting facts on cancer research happening across Europe.
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We have two brand new episodes of our podcast for you to listen to!

Childhood Cancer
“10 children under the age of 15 die every day in Europe from cancer”. Tune in to our third episode of our podcast where Chairman Manfred Weber and Professor Gilles Vassal, Paediatric Oncologist and Head of Clinical Research at Gustave Roussy discuss how to improve cancer treatments for child cancer patients. In addition, learn about the European Commission's roadmap to beat cancer in the EU.

Support for survivors
"Cancer survivors often find it difficult to come back to work, to keep going with their lives, because they face stigma that might add to their suffering, for example from insurance companies but also at the workplace". Tune in to our fourth episode to listen to Dr Bénédicte Belge talking about the challenges cancer survivors face and how they can be better supported.

A brand new episode will be available for you to listen to every other Sunday so that you can find out more about our campaign via your favourite podcast app or on our website

Dates for your diary

In March, the EPP Group will focus on spreading awareness on Colorectal Cancer ! 
4 March: International HPV Awareness Day
6 March: World Lymphedema Day
15 March: Next EPP Group Podcast

News on Cancer science:
A decade-long study of over 1300 researches reveal how tumours form and may pave the way for better and more focused treatment. The mammoth task of sequencing the genomes of 38 types of cancer in nearly 2,800 patients gives new knowledge on origins and evolution of tumours that can help to develop new tools and therapies to detect cancer earlier, develop more targeted therapies and treat patients more successfully, reports an article published in Nature.
Did you know?
Currently there are 490,000 people diagnosed each year in the EU of lung cancer. Experts believe that improved treatment combining different therapies such as clinical trials would allow 120,000 deaths to be avoided.

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